Saturday, September 6, 2008

Could I have a try?

Voices off

Female: Is that your, er, ikebana?
Male: What do you think?
Female: Hmmm. Could I have a try?
Male Go ahead.

… 30 minutes later…

Female: There, what do you think?
Male: Yes. Better than mine, I have to admit.
Female: You see, the arrangement has to be matched to the pot. It’s a narrow neck, so I thought I’d emphasize it with the flowers.
Male. Brilliant. I admit it.

Women know that men can be defensive even when they have no idea about how to do something. Women are likely to be deferential and subtle. “Could I have a try?”

Men sometimes scoff at something a woman does even when it is as good as a male accomplishment. But when the female’s performance clearly surpasses that of a male’s, some men will acknowledge it. “I have to admit. I admit it.”

Is it because of communication patterns that women have to outperform men just to be accepted?


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