Monday, August 18, 2008

Short term memory loss

Eldred is looking for the house keys. Again.


Eldred: Two minutes ago I had them! Not in any of my pockets. Gezina, have you seen the house keys?

Gezina: You mean the ones you are holding in your hand?

Eldred [Looking at his hand. Disbelievingly.]: Is this the first sign? The beginnings of short term memory loss?

Gezina: Have you forgotten all the other times? Not only do you forget your keys, you forget that it happens three times a week.

Eldred: And you never forget?

Gezina: You see? You have also forgotten that I never forget. Women don’t forget things. Men do. Maybe you need a course of exercises.

Eldred: Exercises.

Gezina: Mental exercises. But some physical exercises would also help while you’re about it.

In defence of Eldred, women can forget things.

Like checking the breaker switch when the power goes off? But that is a minor technical issue and not necessary for survival.

Or forgetting how much more a taxi costs than a bus ride? That is selective memory, and necessary for survival.

Perhaps, then, Eldred’s memory problem is more serious than Gezina’s.


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