Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Second opinion

Ian thinks he needs a second opinion on what is causing his burping. Kingsley advises him advisedly.

Ian: I just know it’s a peptic ulcer.
Kingsley: Have you had one before?
Ian: No, but I looked it up on the Internet and the symptoms correspond.
Kingsley: And yet your doctor doesn’t think so?
Ian: Just keeps saying it’s no more than gastritis. I need a second opinion.
Kingsley: Maybe you do. But let me suggest something. Tell the doctor you’d like him recommend someone for a second opinion.
Ian: He’ll suggest someone who would agree with him.
Kingsley: Maybe. There are some rascals. But if you ask him to suggest someone, he’s more likely to stay involved and he might listen to another professional.

It can be easy to alienate a professional. Not always but some get miffed when their opinions are questioned.
“I’m going to get a second opinion,” is like dashing water in the face of some sensitive souls.
Kingsley’s suggestion maintains the dialogue. And it becomes a discussion. The doctor doesn’t lose face and doesn’t lose the patient. The patient doesn’t lose the doctor and may form a team.


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