Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Waist management

Taking his annual health check, Eric is asked by the nurse to pull up his shirt.


Eric: For?
Nurse: Gotta take your waste measurement. That's it. No, don't suck in your stomach. Just be natural.
Eric: I'm not sucking in my stomach. This is my, my... normal posture. See? 81 centimeters. OK? Wha- What you do that for? Why d'you tickle me?
Nurse: That's how we get your normal waist measurement. Ooh! 86 centimeters!
Eric What's the average?
Nurse: 85. Getting a bit overweight aren't we?
Eric: Sssh
! Everybody will hear.



We all train for our annual health check. Take fish oil three times a day for two weeks before the check to bring down cholesterol. Don’t eat or drink too much so you can give answers on the questionnaire that look good. Well, don’t we?

What is it about the inclusive “we?”

That nurse with her “aren’t we?” when she means the accusatory “you” (largely encountered in medical and educational contexts to cajol answers from patients and chastize pupils ) now even has the voiceover joining in.


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