Monday, May 26, 2008


At the back of the market Frederich stumbles on a Raleigh Sports.

Frederich: Whose is this?

Somchai: The bicycle?

Frederich: Nicely preserved.

Somchai: It’s been restored.

Frederich: By you?

Somchai: Yes. All original. See? Raleigh Sports. Made in England.

Frederich: I think you’ve installed a back wheel brake off something else on the front wheel. And the saddle-bag seems Chinese.

Somchai: Well, yes.

Frederich: So it’s not exactly an original.

Somchai: Not… exactly.



In an age of rising energy costs, cars may be had more cheaply while the prices of bicycles rise. Even classics like the Raleigh.

Restoring old objects may be done well or badly. Somchai has to backpedal on his claim that all parts are original, using mollifying expressions like “Well, yes…” and “Not exactly…”

A seller does well to acknowledge the observations of the buyer.

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