Saturday, May 24, 2008

Guess her profession

Besuited lawyers, Eric and Wallace, are having a drink on the balcony at the end of a challenging day.


Eric: Today I met a charming young lady and paid her 900 for an hour's work. You can guess her profession.

Wallace: Charming young lady and 900 for an hour's work? Hmm. (a) a lawyer (b) a doctor (c) bank teller (d) reality show star. Hmm, good exam question.

Eric: If only it were only an exam question. But I kid you not. The price was painfully real.

Wallace: Joking aside, this sounds like your doctor. Had your burned leg turned to septicemia?

Eric: No, it was the fee to the process the condo title.

Wallace: Now, if you were a cat...

Eric: Which thank heavens I'm not...

Wallace: As I was saying, if you were a cat, your owner would take care of all the vet bills, the rent and legal fees.

Eric: I am not a cat.

Wallace: The medical fees you rack up make me think it'd be cheaper to register yourself as a cat.

Eric: Maybe it'd be cheaper for me to clone myself then harvest the other me for body parts.

Wallace: Grow a clone of yourself? How do you plan on doing that? Pull a rib out of your side and water it? Ha!

Eric: They've done it in North Korea. Or is it just that everyone looks the same there?

Wallace: Hmm. Is it culturally insensitive to describe the denizens of Great Leader's country as all being much of a muchness?



At the end of a working day, Denny Crane and Alan Shore sit out on the balcony and extrapolate from legal cases to philosophizing about life’s great mysteries. Their exchanges are marked by elements of satisfying conversational repartee: mock challenge, cut-ins, sentence completions, and fanciful speculation. With jobs, offices and balconies, and such stories to tell, like theirs, little wonder that they don’t scurry away home at closing time.


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