Monday, February 27, 2017

An alternate reality game played in public

A conversation of agreement...
Not even an alternate fact...
Sergey: Some people live in alternate realities. They inhabit alternate worlds.
Mark: Like the "so-called" leader of a certain country?
Sergey: He’s playing an alternate reality game. An ARG. One in which he mixes reality and fiction, tweets false stories. He exists but his talk is false.
Mark: No harm if it were a game played by a private individual. But when a person who lives their life based on fake news and conspiracies enters public office, in a democratic society, that person is on a collision course with people who live in a more reasoned and evidential universe. Chaos.
Where the alternate beliefs of an individual impact on other people disturbance occurs.
At a private level, infantilism and indulgence, lying and anger is a pebble dropped in a pond. At the public level, winds blow and the ocean roils.

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