Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bob's your uncle...

An encounter with an appliance store salesman…
Oliver: I did a thing I never usually do, I believed the salesman.

Lucinda: He said fitting it was a piece of cake?

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Oliver: He said, "Of course it will fit, it’s all standard, just take the old one out, wire it up, drop it in and Bob's your uncle." Well, Bob evidently isn't MY uncle because the wiring was coded for China, and to make it fit required hours of fiddly work attacking the bench with circular saw, jigsaw, router and hammer and chisel.

Lucinda: But the job was done.

Oliver: Yeah, right. An hour's job finally took six. No wonder DIY is a dying art.

Lucinda: But asking a tradesman to install something these days costs an arm and a leg and other bits of anatomy, too.

Bob’s your uncle, meaning, “It’ll be fine,” or “No sweat,” or “No worries,” or as they used to say in times past downunder, “She’ll be Jake.” Yeah. Right.

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