Thursday, May 9, 2013

Conversation and Dance

Tango by Alvaro Castagnet

Cooperative Conversation
She: Talking to you is like dancing.
He: Meaning you have to watch out I don’t step on your toes?
She: No, we both seem to hear the rhythm then move together.
He: Doesn’t everyone give and take in conversation?
She: Not everyone by a long shot. Some people don’t pick up on signals. Others have no timing. Some can’t mirror. Some only compete, they don’t cooperate.

A lot of talk is instrumental. Business talk. Getting things done. Production and sales.

And some talk is for fun. To charm. To entertain. Like dance.
But conversation isn’t all about showiness on the dance floor.The virtuosos can dazzle with their pirouettes, prances, pas de deux. Their spins, twirls, and leaps. Their frolics, quivers, and jiggles.

Virtuosos, divas, prima donnas.
But it takes two to tango.

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