Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Apple Ad 1984

Apple ad 1984

Employees are discussing making a video to present their company

Emp1: Remember that Apple ad? 1984?
Emp2: Heard about it. Never seen it.
Emp1: Iconic. Opens in Dystopia where rows of drones are listening to a televised speech from a Big Brother face. A female athlete runs in, pursued by police in riot gear. She runs up to the screen and hurls a hammer at it, destroying it.
Emp2: OK. So you have a heroine striking a blow against an enemy. Message?
Emp1: David and Goliath? Apple and IBM? The struggle of creativity against conformity?
Emp2: OK. But what happened to the girl?

Commercial designed by Chiat/Day. Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) directed it. Plot is classic mythology.Character development? Not a lot you can do in 60 seconds. But a great CM.
See the ad replayed here.

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