Saturday, July 28, 2012

Travels With My Plant

Gnome Leaving Home for Vacation, Leaps Out of the Soil…
wh5: How can you put up with traveling ALONE?
Gnome: How can YOU put up with traveling with others? Traveling alone: no arguing, no waiting.
wh5: Time and tide?
Gnome: Not really alone, I travel with my plant.
wh5: A gnome away from home. But why the plant?
Gnome: Gnome need garden. No green, can’t sleep.
wh5: You never think, just a little bit kitsch?
Gnome: Not at all. Quality Gnome and Garden.
The case for accepting gnomes:

Many argue that gnomes are kitsch. Possibly many are if measured by the criteria of Immanuel Kant, that kitsch is anything that is not “fine art” or is “overly sentimental.”

Milan Kundera insisted that kitsch is “
a sanitized view of the world.” Maybe gnomes which look like Disney’s Seven Dwarfs do look clean and bland. 

But can we turn Milan Kundera’s argument around? He also argued that this sanitized view of the world is akin to totalitarianism.” If we marginalize gnomes, we neglect to laugh, our being becomes unbearably heavy, and totalitarianism looms closer.


Anonymous said...

"Not really alone, I travel with my plant.". That's changing subject, because it talked about the "vacation". no matter how long the vacation is, it's the most luxury human being have. We use one day for fixing one day goal, the more days we have, the more matters we need to prepare. It's never enough for taking a long vacation, no matter how long it is. He will play happily in the small garden.

Barry Natusch said...

Just as one can have too much dessert, I think one CAN say "Enough vacation, back to work." Anyway, a gnome taking a vacation in a garden is really still at work...