Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Svetlana’s sending on a chain mail has consequences.


Eva: You included my name in that chain letter, and the amount of spam in my mailbox jumped.

Svetlana: Coincidence, surely?

Eva: Explain this. I haven’t had anything but spam in Spanish for months, and not 24 hours after you put my email on your chain letter, I start getting spam from Nigeria and Belgium and, get this, from Germany.

Svetlana: You are German, no?

Eva: I get this email from a woman called Anina Buss. She claims to know me. She offers to go into business with me.

Svetlana: Lucky?

Eva: Where does she find out my email? Why does she know things about me?

Svetlana: What business does she suggest?

Eva: Vitamin pills.

Svetlana: Vitamin pills are good.

Eva: Vitamins to enhance language learning? Con.



It could be a con. But it could also be Svetlana playing a joke on Eva.

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