Friday, August 1, 2008

Robot dogs robot cats robot husbands

Murasaki and Akane used to keep pets, now they have children.


Murasaki: The good thing about Aibo was that I could get him to mind the baby. But my husband wanted to program Aibo to fetch and messed up his software and the Sony helpdesk isn’t manned anymore so he just sits in a cupboard now.

Akane: I’m seriously thinking of getting a Dream Cat Smile.

Murasaki: They say they act so much like a real cat they’re creepy.

Akane: But no mess to clean up, no expensive vet bills. How about robot babies?

Murasaki: All we need is for Sony or Sega to invent a robot husband who would go to work every day and come home and clean up for us…

Akane: …and if he complained we could just switch him off and put him in a cupboard. Ha, ha.



Sony stopped producing Aibo the robot dog in 2006, which annoyed quite a few people. What if God stopped producing children? There’d be some testy mothers, then.

But along comes Sega with a robot cat, see how it suits Chris Davies at

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