Saturday, July 5, 2008


Frida touches up Agnetha's hair prior to meeting Meryl at the film premier.

Frida: So it says paste this bit of code and you'll see who came, saw and ...
Agnetha: And?
Frida: Well, left, I guess.
Agnetha: Right. That's what people do, innit. They click in, they click out.
Frida: Like you did.
Agnetha: Like me! Like you. Knowing me, knowing you. I had to leave, Seeing you going into oil and all.



Those old songs. For any generation, the old songs were the best songs.

Nostalgia accompanies neuralgia. We may speak in tongues but what better way to say than to sing it? In the old words. Knowing me, knowing you. Nothing I could do.

In these times, you’d have to say Frida had her head screwed on the right way.


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