Friday, December 29, 2017

Ukrainian film: Piano

A piano as an antidote to conflict…
Antuanetta Mischchenko
Bohdan: The director drew a good story from the chaos in the streets.
Natalya: That she did. Centering on a piano. In a sense beginning as the Sakamoto film, CODA, did, with a focus on a piano as a beaten-up survivor of a tragedy.
Bohdan: But in this case, the piano was a hub about which stories of musicians revolved. The extremist as pianist. The teacher from the conservatory.
Natalya: But perhaps the most luminous person was Antuanetta Mischchenko, the girl who came to play the blue and yellow piano every day, and who rescued it from the streets.

The filmmaker, Vita Maria Drygas, said she regarded making Piano as one of the most important events in her life. Most of us have a story to be told. The piano is a symbol, surrounded by people with punctured lives, a glimpse of contemporary Ukraine.

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