Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Challenging reality: Leandro Erlich

The ghosts are us...
At the exhibition…
Jorge: In school? Hmm. Our images projected into a deserted classroom. Nothing is what it seems, it would seem.
Jean-Paul: Smokey mirrors. We know it is an image.
A virtual boat ride?
Jorge: But he is using this as a catalyst to ask the question, “Is there more than one reality?”
Jean-Paul: A clever optical illusionist. I give him that.
Jorge: And it sets us questioning what is real.
Letting go...
Are there multiple realities? Parallel worlds? Or only one?

Borges declared that “Reality is not always probable, or likely.”

Yet some philosophers argue that everyone sees the same things. An extreme form of this opposing view is Sartre saying, “Things are entirely what they appear to be and behind them...there is nothing” (Nausea, 1938).

Leandro Erlich Exhibition Seeing and Believing at Mori Art Museum.

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