Sunday, May 29, 2016

Two frog allegories

Of frogs and logs…
27 years under a coconut shell...

Kermit: I spent 27 years in the same job. I feel like the frog who spent his life under a coconut shell.

Olivia: Meaning you got to thinking that the shell is the whole world?

Kermit: Right, but now I’m losing my job and coming out into the real world, I see how insular and ignorant I was.

Olivia: There’s an even more cautionary story about frogs who wanted a leader. So Zeus threw a log in their pond with a big splash which frightened the frogs to begin with, but then the log didn’t do anything so they asked Zeus for another leader. Zeus sighed, then sent them a water snake which started eating the frogs.

Kermit: Be careful what you wish for?

Olivia: There’s a political implication too.

Such stories may depict the frog as insular or foolish. But some cultures have seen the frog as an animal that undergoes many changes in its life: egg to tadpole to amphibian. Even to handsome prince! And it can be a symbol of fertility (because of the number of eggs it lays). Also of transition or rebirth as it passes from tadpole to frog. And cleanliness because of its diving in and out of water.

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