Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ode on an unornamented floor

A dominating design
Moving day…

Keats: “Oh Arab design of tangled vines and trodden weeds.” I want to move this to my next house.

Byron: Friend Ketch, such carpets are so kitsch.

Keats: That is the difference between us. You describe what you see. I describe what I imagine. Like the carpet, the imagination is full of riches.

Byron: Roll up the carpet I say, simplify your life and throw it away.

Middle Eastern carpets are admittedly ornate, and for some, this may complicate a room. Carpet or rug, call it what you will, it must be proportional to the room. Perhaps Keats’ problem was trying to fit a 3 square meter rug into a 4 square meter room; like a verbose poet, it dominated the floor.

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