Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tented tiles

Tented Tiles
Bill: There was a cracking noise in the middle of the night. Next morning I walked in the room and found the tiles had lifted.

Mason: What’s underneath?

Bill: Concrete slab.

Mason: It hadn’t heaved up?

Bill: Nope. Tiles had separated from the slab. It was like walking on a pitched roof.

Mason: Tile tenting.

Match or mix
Tiles were laid without an adequate expansion joint. They expanded and separated from the adhesive below. Remedy: lift tiles, grind flat the concrete slab below, retile using silicone or urethane sealers. If you can’t reuse the old tiles (they may crack in cleaning) or obtain the same ones, get tiles which either pick up the original color or contrast with it.

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