Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moonrise Kingdom Map

The story begins here but I can't see where it ends.

Wes explains the film story as a map with twists and turns…
Wes: The characters are capricious. The story is unpredictable. The bad characters mostly turn out good. Even the cantankerous lawyer Walt, played by you, at one point he’s self-reflective.
Bill: I see that. The line about most of my injuries being self-inflicted?
Wes: You got it. Melancholic tinges but we want a happy ending. Only the social services woman doesn’t back down from her shrill threats; we need her to drive the suspense. Lightning strikes Sam but he survives. He stands on the steeple in the storm but doesn’t fall. The cop is good. The bullying turns to teamwork. The storm heals.
Bill: In this happy film I get to look morose throughout it?
Wes: You do. Most of the time, think Lost in Translation. With flashes of ferocity and cynicism to contrast with Sam’s composed command. He’s an orphan with a calm core.
And so they told the story of Moonrise Kingdom that way. Locations googled then fictionalized. A narrative with a map at the middle. A story that teeters on tragedy and mirthfully morphs into a dramatic denouement. Veers like a rabbit running. Verily worth watching.

Laura Bishop: I'm sorry Walt.
Walt Bishop: It's not your fault... Which injuries are you apologizing for? Specifically.
Laura Bishop: Specifically? Whichever ones still hurt.
Walt Bishop: Half of those were self-inflicted... I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space. You'll be better off without me.
Laura Bishop: Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Walt Bishop: Why?
Laura Bishop: We're all they've got, Walt.
Walt Bishop: That's not enough.

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