Thursday, January 4, 2018

Renaissance works from the Corsini Collection

Pictures at an exhibition...
Botticelli, c1500:
Madonna and Six Angels
Simonetta: Nice collection. With Botticelli as a centerpiece.
Giorgio: The Madonna? Your favorite here?
Simonetta: It’s a latter work of his. When he’d switched from classical themes such as Birth of Venus and Primavera.
Ghirlandaio, c1540:
Portrait of an Unknown Man
Giorgio: Ornate compositions. Lot of background. A lot of symbols. What a contrast to the portraits. Like the .
Ghirlandaio of an unknown young man. No background. Just a realistic face.
Simonetta: Yes. Botticelli could do realism, could do portraits. But it seems he preferred idealism.
An interesting curation of works from the Corsini collection in Florence blending into various works held by the art gallery and other collectors in Auckland. Ranging from 1300s to the 1960s. Read the 118-page pdf of labels here before you go. Helpful.

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